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Подборка видео по генетике на казахском языке от 21.02.2019 г.

Подборка новостей, лекций по генетике на казахском языке:

Лекции по генетике на казахском языке:
Тұқымқуылаушылық пен өзгергіштіктің негізгі заңдылықтары;
Ген туралы түсінік. Прокариоттық және эукариоттық гендердің құрылымы.

- Сұмдық генетикалық аурулар;
- Гемофилия - тұқым қуалайтын ауру;
- Генетикалық аурулар

Новости, интервью:

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Student Fellowships of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, KazNU awarded on April 16, 2018

This year joint monetary fund of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics shared with 20 most motivated, actively working in research and internationally mobile students has reached 13 795 000 Tenges ($ 44 500). On 16 April Drs. Aitkazha Bigaliev, Nazgul Altybayeva and Zaure Aytasheva have announced and handed the awards listed below and corresponding certificates. At the ceremony in the directorate hall, two students were mentioned as the winners of international grants comprising 86% of the total awards sum granted by the sponsors and academia this year. Below is the list of the winners and their sponsors. Professor Galymkaiyr M.Mutanov, Rector of al-Farabi Kazakh National University has noticed that this example of granting student fellowships and travel grants may show that KazNU does belong to the range of socially responsible universities.

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April 2018 “al-Farabi Alemi” Readings: Young Genetic Researchers Platform

On April 10, 2018 The Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, held the Section of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Ecology under the International al-Farabi Alemi Conference. The panel of the section was presented by Prof. Z. Aytasheva (Chairperson), Prof. Z. Biyasheva, Prof. S. Kolumbayeva, Dr. Zh. Zhumabayeva, Dr. S. Dauletbayeva, Dr. E. Dzhangalina, Assoc. Prof. L. Ignatova, and Dr. A. Lovinskaya (Secretary). The section had considered 49 abstracts

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April “Indian Spring 2018” at KazNU

Dr. Rajpal Singh, International University Coordinator, FOREIGNKAZ Speciality Services, and Dr. Mandeep Singh, Head of International Admissions, Chandigarh University, Ludhiana, India have visited the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics owing to International Education Exhibition 2018 in Almaty. This visit took place on Monday, April 9, 2018. Indian experts have expressed their strong adherence to principles of equal research and educational cooperation in fields of Biotechnology, Agriculture and Pharmacology. Such collaboration would provide, in their opinion, better agricultural crop yields, crop resistance to water scarcity, drought and biotic factors, modern training in biotechnology and pharmacology.

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Ongoing discussion on “Biometrics for E-commerce”

Lindsey Silva, Applicant Engineer - Project Manager. The Death of Passwords – 2FA becoming a powerful statement in authentication. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is becoming the new norm as a powerful prevention protocol for thwarting unauthorized access, fraud, and cyberattacks as we move towards a cyber driven world. There are more and more high risk transactions being performed online and this is propagated by cloud based computing. The physical security world is driving to also protect sensitive information and control staff and the public from accessing restricted areas. There now is an increasing need to verify and authenticate the user’s identity, which means this market is becoming very competitive. Reports from the Global Two Factor Authentication Market 2017-2021 shows that analysts predict the market to grow.
Comment of prof. Zaure Aytasheva. 
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News from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Associate Professor Stephen Shea

Mouse model of Rett syndrome reveals that female learning among adults is impaired

Experimenters have recovered learning-based neural plasticity of female mice in the region of auditory cortex

Cold Spring Harbor, NY —Autism as other neurodevelopmental disorders have their early origin in the brain with the emergence of imperfective connections between nerve cells. Rett syndrome as one of such disease is marked by the failure of a specific gene MECP2. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) team has published results of experiments in mice with MECP2 mutations which impair affected individuals later on in life.

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Southern Belt of Iron Deficiency

Anemia as a public health problem by country: Preschool-age children [Source: Worldwide Prevalence of Anemia 1993-2005, WHO 2008]

Below is excerpts of the article demonstrating the importance of investigations on anemia causes as well as the significance of distributing iron-rich food to population of so-to-speak “Southern Belt” of Anemia. All this is of special value for children and women of reproductive age.  Factors other than iron deficiency may contribute to the high prevalence of anemia: infection, inflammation, bound- as free-iron states and common under-nutrition in low-income and even middle-income countries. Deep comprehension of multiple etiology of anemia is paramount for determining most effective anti-anemia strategies and projects.
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Генетики КазНУ цитируют самые значимые научные достижения 2016 года

Найдено очередное максимальное простое число. Группа Куртиса Купера за 2,5 года установила число, содержащее более 22 миллионов цифр. Это новый максимум на 5 миллионов превышает прежний рекорд, установленный почти три года назад. Записать новое число можно как 274207281 -1 (2 в степени 74207281 минус 1). Изучение простых чисел и законов их распределения в числовом ряду -  отдельная область математики. Эти числа нашли широкое применение в криптографии. Чем больше простое число в шифровании, тем сложнее взломать цифровой или смешанный код. Максимальное простое число увеличилось настолько, что поиски новых максимумов становятся трудной задачей, для решения которой требуются сложные расчеты с помощью суперкомпьютеров.

Экзопланета Proxima b. 12 апреля российский бизнесмен Юрий Мильнер совместно с известным британским физиком Стивеном Хокингом объявили старт проекта Breakthrough Starshot.
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Useful Rules for Professionally Written Abstracts

Dr. Alex Sokolov, successful manager of scientific writing has shared with us the following article to be useful for instructors and attendants of courses on Scientific Reasoning. The article posted by Dr. Alyssa Colton on Falcon Scientific Editing website on July 12, 2016 tackles five new tips for writing a good professional abstract.
These rules rules are proposed since the abstract drafting is regarded as one of principal skills for researchers. Mastering five rules described below would assist in making the abstract professionally impeccable. The abstract is supposed to be then submitted as a short communication to a journal or an abstract for consideration at a conference.
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Typing personality: it’s high time for

Dr. Kairat Madin, graduate of our Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, KazNU, and my former colleague from M.A. Ajtkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry has invited our attention to Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article which was posted on November 17, 2016. The author says, there is distinct difference between two types, Type A and Type B personalities. Type A are pointed and reaching the success personalities, whereas Type B are those which are going to reach the same success but they usually don’t get as much recognition for their activities. Bs are normally shadowed, and they don’t that attract everyone’s attention. Since Bs never mark their fames and contributions, they sometimes are ascribed to be slow, patient, lazy or indifferent.
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