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Typing personality: it’s high time for

Dr. Kairat Madin, graduate of our Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, KazNU, and my former colleague from M.A. Ajtkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry has invited our attention to Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article which was posted on November 17, 2016. The author says, there is distinct difference between two types, Type A and Type B personalities. Type A are pointed and reaching the success personalities, whereas Type B are those which are going to reach the same success but they usually don’t get as much recognition for their activities. Bs are normally shadowed, and they don’t that attract everyone’s attention. Since Bs never mark their fames and contributions, they sometimes are ascribed to be slow, patient, lazy or indifferent.
So Type Bs lack clear characteristics displaying their route or motivation to be successful. On the other hand, Type Bs know that weakness as a sort of indifference or laziness may assists to the truth so that they are really close to genuine achievements and prosperity. Unlike As, Type Bs are not concerned about being always perfect, which means they feel comfortable while recognizing their countless weaknesses. This admission supply them with ability to restrain own faults. Type Bs are also easier in personal communications, as they always have enough time to show support rather than treating others as rivals or opponents. Type Bs is known not to hurry with conclusions. So they have more time for analizing and then coming to a proper decision-making step. Thus type Bs is strikingly flexible in terms of strategy to be developed under stress conditions, if something goes wrong. It means:
1) Bs are reserved but not that lazy; they have goals in front of them to be reached in course of a walk, but not a kind of spurt.
2) Bs are concentrated on a plan. But it should be followed quietly without restless monitoring of the state of progress and intermediate successes. They stubbornly stay on track.
3) Bs do care about work effectiveness.
4) Bs are always positive. They feel contentment due to their ability to fulfill each step of the project rather than rushing for the next success. This higher degree of happiness in life let them enjoy everything without worrying about what is supposed to be achieved next.
5) Bs are then healthier than others. They experience less stresses, which prevent from from a bunch of diseases and accompanying abuses. It is easier for them to maintain healthy weight, get rid of malignancies as infections.
6) Bs are able to better get on friendly terms. As they don’t consider life as permanent competition, they are friendly from the very beginning to support everyone along the way. They follow Robert Louis Stevenson advice: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
7) Bs Type works best when their canvas is blank. If the strips on a canvas occur too narrow, the picture may be spoiled.
8) Bs feel free while working in a team. They keep in sight both the work process and its outputs. They are open to share the successes, the failures, and always collect bitter or sweet experiences.
9) They never trade skills or places. Bs recognize the rewards that are acquaired with time or merit, but they are wise to realize that this decorating with rewards is not their way of being completely motivated. 
Reported by Drs Zaure Aytasheva, Kulzia Shulembayeva, and Ms. Akerke Serbayeva
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