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Ongoing discussion on “Biometrics for E-commerce”

Lindsey Silva, Applicant Engineer - Project Manager. The Death of Passwords – 2FA becoming a powerful statement in authentication. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is becoming the new norm as a powerful prevention protocol for thwarting unauthorized access, fraud, and cyberattacks as we move towards a cyber driven world. There are more and more high risk transactions being performed online and this is propagated by cloud based computing. The physical security world is driving to also protect sensitive information and control staff and the public from accessing restricted areas. There now is an increasing need to verify and authenticate the user’s identity, which means this market is becoming very competitive. Reports from the Global Two Factor Authentication Market 2017-2021 shows that analysts predict the market to grow.
Comment of prof. Zaure Aytasheva. This is always a hot issue for those who get used to forget psws already while designing or typing them. "The need to verify and authenticate the user’s identity" means both growing rivalry in the market, and no hope for easy life to the absent-mindeds. New phantom instead of old dragon, so to speak.
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