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Кафедра молекулярной биологии и генетики 

факультета биологии и биотехнологии

КазНУ им. аль-Фараби

April “Indian Spring 2018” at KazNU

Dr. Rajpal Singh, International University Coordinator, FOREIGNKAZ Speciality Services, and Dr. Mandeep Singh, Head of International Admissions, Chandigarh University, Ludhiana, India have visited the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics owing to International Education Exhibition 2018 in Almaty. This visit took place on Monday, April 9, 2018. Indian experts have expressed their strong adherence to principles of equal research and educational cooperation in fields of Biotechnology, Agriculture and Pharmacology. Such collaboration would provide, in their opinion, better agricultural crop yields, crop resistance to water scarcity, drought and biotic factors, modern training in biotechnology and pharmacology.
Chandigarh University (CU) is one of three best private universities of India. CU is known for more than 25,000 students taught on campus and 200 students admitted to Hitech Campus training, 1000 international students, 30 young researchers in the Center of Advanced Experience, over 300 foreign visiting scientists, faculties and experts in different fields of knowledge. CU is the member of IAU (International Association of Universities) and AIU (Association of Indian Universities).
Then after a short introduction to history and current achievements of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, KazNU, the guests have been given a lab tour to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Academician Amageldy Bissenbaev and Mr. Izzat Smekenov, pre-doctoral fellow), the Laboratory of Mutagenesis (Prof. Saule Kolumbayeva, Dr. Anna Lovinskaya), and Laboratory of Plant Genetics (Prof. Kulziya Shulembayeva and Dr. Zhanar Chunetova) to get acquainted with ongoing projects on DNA repair and perspective strains of yeasts and their mutants, gene toxicology effects on higher plants and rodents, chromosomal substitutions as elimination effects in soft wheat, current germplasms of beans and squashes and related experiments in progress.
Guests have offered the language foundation programme to the students and academia to be this summer (June-July 2018). This programme would include 7 days pre-orientation part in India, among the others also to allow to know more about multifaceted industry supporting CU, which is sponsored by Microsoft, Hyundai, Hewlett Packard, Tech Mahindra, Oracle, Allele Life Sciences and other strategic partners of CU.

Communicated by Drs Aijan Zhussupova, Saule Kolumbayeva, Sabira Taipakova, and Zaure Aytasheva

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