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КазНУ им. аль-Фараби

NU is searching for master studies applicantsamong KazNU undergraduates

Prof. Ivan Vorobyev, Acting Chair of the Department of Biology, School of Science and Technologies, Nazarbaev Univesity has arrived to the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology and the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, KazNU today to have a talk before the graduates of B.Sc, in Biology and Biotechnology. He invited our students to attend NU contest allowing to enter M.Sc. studies at the School of Science and Technology. It appeared that each of the applicants should get in touch with a would-be superviser out of the staff of that school to know more about current research and possibility to get hired in accordance with superviser’s ongoing project. This principle is used to determine overall number of potential cantidates for M.Sc. studies each year. In his presentation Professor Vorobyev has addressed the master programme supposed to last two years, includes classes of 6-9 students, four courses the first year of education, and two others in the second year. Graduates spend most of time in research labs. In addition, some useful courses of biology for undergraduates are offered for attending. Ph.D. programme lasts four years. Every student is given the opportunity to work with a personal supervisor. The first year of education there will be four courses, followed by experimental work on the PhD project at the second year of education. To meet all the requirements, Ph.D. fellow should publish at least 2 papers with the first authorship in the internationally reknowned journals (indexed in Scopus or Web of Science). Students (undergraduates with GPA not less than 3.00, graduate students without any threshold) which have been accepted as the authors or participants of internationally recognized research forums (ASCB, FEBS and etc.) may cover travel expenses with assistance of the School of Science and Technologies. Usually the number of conferences should not exceed one per annum. Whenever supervisors have research funding a student can be send for research internship abroad for 1-2 months collaboration.

Reported by Drs. S.M. Taipakova, A.K. Bissenbaev, A.A. Tokubaeva, and Z.G. Aytasheva
Published on November 28, 2017.
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