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КазНУ им. аль-Фараби

Promotion of biotechnological knowledge among young people

December 11th, 2017 at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology held an open lecture of a young scientist in the field of bioenergetics, PhD N. Berezhnoy on the topic: "Study of the adaptation of bacteria to butanol." N. Berezhnoy works at the Center for Environmental Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The meeting was held in order to familiarize the youth with the best scientific achievements in the field of bioenergetics. The idea of holding the seminar belongs to the director of the Research Institute of Problems of Biology and Biotechnology, Professor of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Academician of the NSA of Kazakhstan A. Bissenbaev. Nikolay Berezhnoy told the students about the work of an international group of scientists. These scientists are studying the problem of increasing the survival of bacteria in biofuels or intermediate biofuel products in the course of evolution. To this end, Dr. Berezhnoy and his team developed a special method for the natural evolution of bacteria. The lecture aroused great interest and questions among the youth. Nikolay Berezhnoy answered them in detail.
The importance of the educational component of this seminar is enormous. The invited expert is studying an urgent issue related to the active search for alternative energy sources. All this was reflected in the last seminar and gives impetus to young scientists to conduct experiments and to be saturated with new ideas and original ways of their realization.

Organizers of the event - prof. A.K. Bissenbaev and S.M. Taipakova.
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