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Кафедра молекулярной биологии и генетики 

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Optics at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, KazNU

In collaboration with the Institute of Additional Education, KazNU on 11-16 March 2019 the Department will hold the course on Modern Optic Methods in Biology and Medicine.
The reader is Dr. Asylkhan Rakhimzhan, German Reumatology Research Center, BRFZ, Berlin.
Course price (per person) is 20 000, 00 TG. Free for KazNU students.

Short programme of the course:
1. Introduction. Fluorescent methods. (1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
2. Flow cytometry as major tool of cell analysis. (1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
3. Confocal microscopy to visualization of microwords(1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
4. Multi-photon microscopy (1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
5. Microscopy of super-resolution paving way to nanoscopy(1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
6. Functional microscopy (time-resolution method) (1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
7. Functional microscopy (FLIM) (time-resolution method) (1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
8. Functional microscopy (FRET)(resonance energy transfer) (1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
9. Optical coherent tomography as bridge between microscopy and ultrasound investigation (1 hr lecture+ 1hr seminar)
10. Skills of poster and oral presentations at conferences 3.5 hr including Q@A session.

Place: Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Room 329
Date: March 11-16, 2019.
Time: 10.00-14.00
Place - 214 aud.

Communicated by Drs Z. Aytasheva, K. Shulembayeva, Zh. Chunetova
Please, visit www.kaznu.kz

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